Bed blocking a serious issue in mental health care

Blocked Beds Within NHS Mental Health TrustsAn article released by the BBC highlights problems caused by blocked beds within NHS Mental Health Trusts throughout England. A recent study by NHS England showed that there was a 56% rise in the number of bed days lost to delayed discharge in psychiatric trusts in the last year alone.

The study highlighted a loss of 17,509 bed days in October 2016 in the 24 trusts which particularly specialise in mental health and learning disability care. A report last May from the National Audit Office estimated that delayed discharges across England were costing the NHS £820m a year.

Furthermore, an inquiry ordered by the Royal College of Psychiatrists showed that many mental health patients had to travel long distances to get a hospital bed. The inquiry showed that a key reason for this was because of delayed discharges.

Service Manager Darren Hanna had this to say:

“The time after leaving hospital is critical. Our Rehabilitation Units are here for those with severe, and enduring mental illness as well as those with mild learning disabilities. We aim to assess within 24 hours and can certainly help with mental health trusts experiencing bed blocking.

“Camino Healthcare offers a solution to help with this problem and it’s done so in purpose built, state of the art facilities. Every one of our Rehabilitation Units has a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) who ensure the very highest standard of support for those on the journey of recovery helping individuals reach their goals.”


Our Rehabilitation Units offer a solution to the problem of blocked beds within NHS Mental Health Trusts. If this is effecting the ward or trust that you work in, please get in touch. Call us on our designated referral line 07387 100 296. Or you can make a referral using our online facility, click the button below.