Introducing the new Service Manager of Oak House

We are pleased to announce that Doreen Wood has joined Camino Healthcare as the new Service Manager of Oak HouseDoreen Wood

Doreen has more than 10 years of experience in the Mental Health sector in a variety of different settings. Throughout her career she has specialised in various areas of Mental Health such as forensic, substance misuse, eating disorders, learning disabilities and rehabilitation.

Upon her appointment into the position Doreen had this to say:

“I have worked in a variety of mental health environments and have had several appointments within management. Camino Healthcare has a unique vision that I passionately share. I am looking forward to a long life of growth and development with the company.”


Everyone has different needs, so we shape every aspect of care and daily living to the individual, whatever it may be. In our mental health rehabilitation units we implement a holistic person-centred approach whilst embracing the recovery concept.

Learn more about Oak House, take our video tour.

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