The importance of infection control

Jayne TrainingHead Housekeeper Jayne Bonehill who is currently completing her NVQ level three in Housekeeping, Hospitality and Infection Control recently lead a detailed presentation discussing her job role and the knowledge she has gained during her studies.

Camino Healthcare prides itself on involving Service Users in all aspects of the organisation and Jayne is passionate about sharing her experience of delivering outstanding infection control to both staff and residents alike.

Service User MC has this to say:

“Jayne the Head Housekeeper at Camino Healthcare, gave a presentation about one of the aspects of her role. She primarily focused upon infection control. For both staff and residents present, hand washing will never be taken so mundanely again. Jayne presented a booklet which illustrated how to wash your hands, helping to control infections. Simple but essential, and very important to do well, particularly if you work in the kitchen.

“We can all keep infections at bay if we thoroughly wash our hands, something so simple is a very effective tool for us. We can all participate in controlling infection. Once you know how to wash your hands properly your fighting the battle. It is worth investing time into approaching hand washing correctly.”

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