Oak House Residents discuss their responsibilities

Head Housekeeper Jayne Bonehill has assembled a team of Oak House residents who have made it their mission to help ensure infection control, health and safety as well as Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations are diligently followed. The residents gave the following feedback:

MC Cleaning webService User MC had this to say…
“Working as a Dining Room Assistant involves work at 7am Monday to Friday. The work is organised by the Head Housekeeper Jayne who demonstrates how to effectively clean everything in the dining room. This includes tables, chairs, doors and glass surfaces. The aim of this is to keep infection at bay through cleanliness. The bonus is that music is played while you work. This makes the time fly.

“The kitchen maybe the heart of the home but the dining room is a meeting place for all residents and staff so it’s very important to provide a clean and infection free area for all people to enjoy and relax over food.

“When cleaning, it’s important to follow the product rules that are written on certain products, Jayne is very knowledgeable about the different products you may use. There are never indecision’s on how to approach cleaning different areas.

“It is normal and enjoyable to be getting up in the morning and having a job to do. It’s like how life used to be before physical disability took hold. As residents, we are all involved in keeping the dining room clean and comfortable. It involves very little effort to behave accordingly, so that fellow residents can enjoy their dining room experience. I want to have a very clean dining room so that it is inviting for all that want to use it.”


Service User JP said this…
“I have been helping as a housekeeping assistant for over seven months. My job as Housekeeping Assistant is teaching me new skills and giving me insight and knowledge into understanding infection control, COSHH and Health and Safety. I have gained a much better understanding of how to wash my hands properly and the importance of doing so. I have also had hand hygiene observations.JP KitKat Web

“I have learned how to use cleaning equipment correctly such as the correct method of using the mop so as not to strain your back or muscles. I have learned how to handle the hoover in a much more efficient way. Each time I have been shown new cleaning tasks, including simple techniques that make the job a lot easier, quicker and efficient as well as less strenuous on the body.

“Being a Housekeeping Assistant has motivated me to get up earlier in the day and be more active as it gives me loads of energy for the rest of the day. It is a very positive start to the day. I enjoy working with Jayne Bonehill the Head Housekeeper because she has taught me so much and motivated me every day. She is extremely easy to get on with and makes the job fun and enjoyable.”


DF has been helping Jayne for over one year…
DF Award Web“I help Jayne the Head Housekeeper to maintain the laundry. I keep the filters in the dryers clean and I wash the washers.

“I report to Jayne if there are any concerns about the washers every day. When completing the tasks above, I fill the folder in and sign it. I have been doing this for over 1 year.”




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