Living at Oak House – a mental health rehab unit

Oak House Care Home 01

Oak House Care Home 01

A Service User at Tipton based mental health rehabilitation unit Oak House – recently moved onto the next step of their personal journey of recovery, this is what hey had to say:

“At Oak House many residents have mental illness in some capacity, I include myself in that. There are also people here with learning disabilities. The staff are very welcoming and hands on, they are always ready to help you if you have a problem. I will miss some a lot, others I did not have as much to do with. One staff member is leaving to have a baby, I am really happy for her and I will miss seeing her around.

Oak House is run very well, we all have to abide by certain rules so that all residents can have a comfortable time here. The nurses are always on hand if you have a serious problem to sort out and they are easily accessible even with a huge workload.

“I am leaving Oak House to be nearer my family. I hope the place I am going to is as good at bringing normality back to life.”


At Camino Healthcare, we provide 24 hour care and support in our award winning mental health rehabilitation units based in the West Midlands. The service is for both men and women (18 – 65) with severe and enduring mental illness, mild learning disabilities as well as patients with forensic histories.

If you are looking for a service such as ours, get in touch. Email or use our referral form by clicking the link below and one of our experts will be in touch.