Individuals who have made a difference

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As a contribution to the celebrations of 70 years of the NHS, the CQC have brought together stories highlighting individuals who made a significant impact on the care people receive.

To complete the document the CQC looked at an array of adult social care services and spoke to a range of people within each service. This included people who use services and their families, registered managers, providers and owners, care staff, administrative and other staff, commissioners and social workers.

While it’s the NHS that’s celebrating a birthday, the people working alongside it in adult social care have also played a vital and integral role. At Camino Healthcare we are delighted to announce that we had two individuals from within our organisation feature in this article. 

This collection of short case studies is part of a series highlighting the work that individuals – from volunteers, to front line staff to senior leaders – have done to deliver great services across acute and mental health NHS trusts, primary care and adult social care.

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