Success Stories

Our dedicated team works towards managing symptoms through coping strategies and therapy that is completely tailored to the individual. Read some of our success stories and learn more about those on the journey of recovery.

Recent Success Stories at Camino Healthcare

Diagnosis: Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia.

“The team helped me work towards a healthy lifestyle and I looked forward to the events”

Result: We worked with the community team who were delighted with the progress achieved at Oak House. They moved into long term supported accommodation.

Service Manager: This individual worked very well with the Nursing team and other members of the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT). They achieved greater stability in their day to day interactions and when they were discharged were attending to all aspects of daily living skills. The team were so pleased with the progress that was made.

Nursing and Healthcare Support Team: Lots of support and care was needed upon admission. When this individual joined the service, they were experiencing a period of emotionally instability.

Regular prompts were needed so that activities of daily living were completed – medication support was also a requirement. Following a focus in these areas and a period of intensive rehabilitation, improvements followed. Self-medication began and remained consistent until discharge. This had a positive impact on all areas of the person’s life and ultimately lead to a steady period of independence and progress on their personal journey of recovery.

Psychology: Compassion Focussed Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques were used to enable this person to have a more positive outlook towards the future.

Regular interactions with the Psychologist and Assistant Psychologist took place. Although the individual was often reluctant to engage in formal sessions, it quickly became apparent that shorter and more informal sessions were having a positive impact. The sessions lead to discussions centred around life in general, childhood memories and what the future had in store.

Occupational Therapy: An active member in group sessions, particularly cooking sessions. In the months leading up to discharge they were cooking a variety of different meals and engaging well with others. They were a vocal member of the community morning meetings and were supported to develop a network of friends inside and outside of the Unit. Throughout 2017 and right up to discharge they were accessing the community independently and presented as generally settled in mood and presentation.

Activities: After settling in, this individual was always willing to engage with activities when on the Unit particularly when they had a creative theme. As their independence grew so did the motivation to accomplish activities on their own. This included arranging regular trips to see places of interest and encouraging others to get involved too. Pet therapy was particularly popular with this person and I believe this had a great therapeutic effect. Before the individual was discharged they were organising activities independently which was really pleasing to see.

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Diagnosis: Bi-Polar Affective Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression

“The staff here at Oak House have helped me feel more confident and achieve my goals”

Psychology: Following weekly sessions, this individual identified achievable targets in order to progress on the journey of recovery. This was facilitated through the effective use and implementation of coping strategies to tackle low mood and the feeling of being unable to cope.

Occupational Therapy: They started to demonstrate an excellent ability to manage finances independently, cook and prepare meals daily as well as expressing the aspiration of moving into voluntary work within the care sector to help others.

Activities: Whilst residing with us at Camino Healthcare this service user showed a great love for music, flower arranging and hair and beauty. As an informal resident they regularly accessed the community independently and engaged with everyone in the home.

Result: This individual is now living independently and keeps in touch with the team at Camino Healthcare.

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