Our Approach

Person-centred care pathways enabling genuine co-production of idiosyncratic plans

Developing Relationships

Developing relationships is key to successful engagement in therapeutic programmes and our MDT prioritise getting to know the person in our care through formal and informal assessments and activities.

Our Approach

Recovery - the path that lies ahead

Through the concept of recovery, we promote independence, self-esteem, social inclusion and the discovery or rediscovery of personal identity. Our dedicated team works towards managing symptoms through coping strategies and therapy that is completely tailored to the individual.

Factors such as psychological needs, physical capacity, social ability and cultural preferences are always considered. This helps with the design of an all-inclusive care plan, providing realistic and achievable targets to aim for.

  • Offer innovative mental healthcare to adults
  • Recognise individuals and the stories behind their experiences
  • Adopt a strengths model: Inviting genuine collaboration and co-production
  • Provide meaningful recovery-focussed care and interventions
  • Constantly strive to offer the least restrictive; most person-centred care and treatment
  • Work towards independence and safe discharge

The 5 Cornerstones of our Organisation

1. Respect and Dignity

We are passionate about providing person-centred care for our service users and committed to upholding their rights, choices and preferences.

2. Communication

As a team, we are dedicated to ensuring effective communication and devoted to using accessible language.

3. Equality and Diversity

We embrace difference, paying attention to each individual’s background, gender, culture, ethnicity and age.

4. Holistic Care

Our core focus is on an individual’s needs and we always consider the psychological, social and environmental factors.

5. Recovery

We encourage positivity throughout the personal journey of recovery.

Individualised plans support people achieve recovery

The model of care informs a structured, person-centred care pathway where collaborative care enables genuine co-production of idiosyncratic plans of care. These individualised plans support people in our care to achieve their recovery and wellness goals and aspirations in the context of evidence-based care and interventions.

Boundaried therapeutic relationships underpin all interactions and interventions and provide a secure base for learning, development and recovery. All care and interventions are evidence-based, needs-led and individualised to ensure specific packages of care are delivered within a structured and time-limited care pathway.

The pathway is phased, it is flexible and allows for movement forwards and revision of previous phases as required by the individual to ensure optimal effectiveness of interventions offered.

  • Structured, person-centred care pathway
  • Phased approach to care; safety & stabilisation-therapeutic focus-crisis & relapse planning-self-management
  • Formulation-driven, structured, time-limited interventions
  • Flexible; allowing for movement forwards and revision of previous phases
  • Evidence-based
  • Needs-led, individualised care

The Care Pathway

Months 1-3:
  • Admission
  • MDT Assessment
  • Safety
  • Engagement
  • Discharge Aspirations
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Months 3-9
  • MDT Review
  • Collaborative Care Planning
  • Develop Recovery-Focused
  • Opportunities
  • Therapy
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Month 9-12:
  • MDT Review
  • Support Relapse Prevention/Self-Management
  • Social Inclusion
  • Therapy
  • Follow on Planning
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Months 12-18
  • MDT Review
  • Review personal goals
  • Self-Meds/Self-Management
  • Ending Interventions
  • Discharge
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Months 18+
  • Slow stream rehabilitation-complex care-treatment resistant-MDT
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Our Outcomes

Our aim is to engage in genuine collaboration and co-production, recognising individuals strengths and inviting and including users of Camino healthcare services, carers and family to contribute to the care process and service developments. We are committed to recovery-focussed care and interventions.

Our multi-disciplinary focus is on increased independence and self-management through a strengths and needs-led pathway and Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Support Staff and Occupational Therapists work closely with statutory and voluntary services throughout the care journey to achieve safe discharge.

Our Team

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  • HoNOS
  • ORS / CORS
  • SDQ
  • APES
  • HADS
  • Self-report
  • HoNOSca
  • Recovery Star
  • CGAS
  • Becks Depression Inventory
  • PHQ
  • Psychotherapy File

Innovative Mental Healthcare

We are passionate about what we do and we do it at the highest standard.