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This resident was admitted from an acute mental hospital in Coventry in January 2023. The resident had experienced a mental health breakdown at home and ended up being admitted to an acute mental health hospital.

It took Cedar Lodge assessors three attempts to complete an assessment of needs for admission and a further two care staff support visits at the hospital to finalise the assessment for the resident. This was due to their mental state and the fact that they were unable to trust anyone at the time.

The resident agreed to visit Cedar Lodge and during their transition visit they expressed that they really liked the place. They immediately asked to be transferred to Cedar Lodge.

Since arriving at Cedar Lodge, their health has improved so much and it meant a lot to them to be able to start feeding themselves and gradually they regained their independence. Their mental health and wellbeing vastly improved. They fostered a good therapeutic relationship with their keyworkers and staff. The team at Cedar Lodge liaised with the resident’s mother and they began home visits followed by overnight weekend visits. This was a huge step forward for them as this had never occurred during their time in hospital.

The nursing team at Cedar Lodge and Activities Co-ordinator worked together and organised trips to places of interest, including indoor and outdoor activities, which the resident very much enjoyed.

When the resident became independent and regained their ability to carry out daily living skills and activities, they finally went home and said goodbye to Cedar Lodge. Their community team and their mother asked if the resident could come to Cedar Lodge for respite weekends in the future and when required as the resident had enjoyed their time at the home so much.

At Cedar Lodge we have the desire to provide everyone we support with the opportunity to continue to live life to the full, and this is at the heart of what we do. Our experienced and passionate care team work with each resident fully to understand their wishes, needs and aspirations for the future. We offer a full range of residential, mental health rehabilitation, including trial stays as part of Section 17 leaves from hospital and short term placement according to individual needs.

For more information about Cedar Lodge or to book a visit to meet the Home Manager and the rest of the team, please call 02475185777.

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