Carers Rights Day at Cedar Lodge

On Thursday 23rd November 2023, all the staff, residents and their families at Cedar Lodge took part in Carers Rights Day 2023.

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On 23rd November 2023 all staff and residents at Cedar Lodge took part in Carers’ Rights Day in order to raise awareness of carers’ rights, entitlements and to enable carers to get the support they need.

The staff met the families in the board room and the residents then showed their families around Cedar Lodge and their bedrooms. The families were so impressed with the facility and showed their gratitude to the team for looking after their loved ones so well.

This was followed by a powerpoint presentation about Cedar Lodge and the history of Camino Healthcare Ltd. The carers discussed the positive elements of their jobs and the difficulties they had come across due to lack of information and also the hurdles they had faced trying to navigate the health and social care system.

Carers Rights Day at Cedar Lodge - News & Events

The powerpoint included some feedback from past residents, staff and students:-

‘Thank you so much for allowing me to stay at Cedar Lodge. It was the best choice I have ever made. You are a credit to your profession and I truly appreciate all you did for me!’

‘I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me over the last 13 months. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. You are all amazing at what you do and I will never forget my time here at Cedar Lodge’

‘Thank you for giving me the chance to stay at Cedar Lodge. It has been vital to my recovery.’

‘I genuinely want to thank you for the opportunity to work at Cedar Lodge. This has helped me grow and develop my career.’

‘Thank you for letting me be part of the team. I appreciated all the guidance and learning experience I’ve had at Cedar Lodge.’

Carers Rights Day at Cedar Lodge - News & Events

A current resident also shared their experience at Cedar Lodge:-

‘I just wanted to say that the management team has been amazing. They have sat down with me and listened to me. They make time for me even when they are busy. They are so understanding and helpful. They care about their patients.

The psychology team are helping me so much to process things and are putting things in place for me; it is really helping me.

And all the staff here are amazing. They are all good at their jobs and they all care about their patients. They are always reassuring me and helping me.’

One family member shared their story with us after the presentation: -

‘For 11 years and up until now I had no support and didn’t know who to contact for help. My daughter had a care co – ordinator who then went off sick and was never replaced. My daughter never had the community support. She became very unwell and ended up being sectioned and admitted to hospital. She was in and out of care homes for 3 years until she settled here at Cedar Lodge. I can see how much she has improved since being admitted here. I struggled so much that I had a mental breakdown and left my job because I couldn’t cope. Thank you for sharing this information with me and if my daughter gives her consent, I will attend the meetings when I am invited.’

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